Housing support

Supporting People

The Supporting People Programme provides schemes which offer housing related support to people who are homeless or who are at risk of losing their home because they are struggling to manage their responsibilities as a householder. The support is available across all tenures.

Housing related support schemes don’t provide personal care or health care.

Some schemes support people in their own homes (this is ‘floating support’) and others provide somewhere to live as well as teaching people the skills to manage a tenancy before moving on to their own place (this is ‘supported housing’)

Do you require support or advice to help you live independently?

Housing related support, or tenancy support as it is also known, can help you acquire the skills and 'know-how' you need to sort things out for yourself and live independently in your own home, for example:

  • help with managing your finances and paying your bills to avoid getting into rent or mortgage arrears 
  • setting up your home
  • accessing welfare benefits 
  • accessing a range of services
  • dealing with your landlord to get repairs done
  • being a good neighbour
  • developing practical living skills
  • accessing training, education and employment
  • understanding your tenancy agreement

Housing related support is available for a range of people with low level support needs e.g.

  • people with a learning disability 
  • people with a mental health issue
  • people with a sensory impairment or physical disability
  • a young person in their first tenancy
  • a young single parent
  • someone moving into a tenancy after being homeless
  • someone at risk of becoming homeless
  • someone who has recently been released from prison
  • someone who has a drug or alcohol dependency issue 
  • someone who has been experiencing domestic abuse
  • someone with a chronic illness including HIV and AIDS related conditions
  • people from black minority ethnic communities
  • travellers
  • older people with support needs

If you are receiving income support, housing benefit and/or council tax benefit then the services will be free of charge. If you do not receive any of these benefits some services will be chargeable. 

If you think you would benefit from housing support, please contact the Supporting People Team or the Council’s Housing Options Service.  If you are a tenant of Anglesey County Council, contact your Housing Officer to discuss your support requirements. 

For more information please see the Supporting People section of the IACC website.

Supporting People Team

Council Building
LL77 7TW
Tel: 01248 75 20 74
Fax: 01248 75 01 07
Email: supportingpeople@anglesey.gov.uk

Council’s Housing Options Team: 01248 751850, 752168, 752225, 751849
E-mail housing@anglesey.gov.uk

Housing Services Customer Services Team: 01248 752118, 752125, 752126, 752119