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Moelfre is a small village situated on the north east coast of Anglesey approximately a 15 - 20 minute drive from Menai Bridge along the scenic east coast road and 15 – 20 minute drive from Llangefni at the centre of the island. The village is renowned for having a working lifeboat station and for its long history as a fishing community and is a popular location amongst locals and tourists who visit who take advantage of the beautiful coastline and surrounding beaches. The village has a general store and a number of boutique shops, cafes and a public house and becomes increasingly busy with tourists during the summer months.

Public transport links are provided by way of a bus service, although access to private transport is advantageous due to the rural location. Accommodation is mainly owned.

The local authority does has accommodation in this area however turnover of properties is low whilst demand is high.

Local Authority Housing Information for Moelfre

2-bed House: 1
3-bed House: 37

1-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 6
2-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 7

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We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a LOW availability.


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We have no details of Facilities in this area.

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