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Llanddyfnan is a  rural village situated approximately 2.5 miles north of Llangefni Town in the centre of Anglesey. Properties in Llanddyfnan are mostly owner occupied. Public transport is limited to the local bus service and due to the rural location access to private transport is advantageous.There are no amenities in Llanddyfnan itself, with the nearest general amenities being in either the village of Pentraeth a 5 minute drive away (for basic needs) or Llangefni a 10 minute drive away where the nearest supermarket is located.

Within the ward of Llanddyfnan are nearby Talwrn, Tregaian, Capel Coch and Maenaddwyn.


Talwrn is a small rural village situated approximately 4 miles north west of Llanagefni and approximately 3 miles from the village of Pentraeth. Accommodation in this area is mostly owner occupied however the local authority does have a small number of properties in the area.The local bus service runs through the village however due to the rural location access to private transport is advantageous. 

3-bed House: 5

2-bed Bungalow: 1


Tregaian is a small rural village approximately 3 miles or a 5 minute drive outside Llangefni on the main Llangefni to Amlwch Road B5111. The nearest general facilities can be found at Llangefni.

Most properties are owner occupied and the local authority only havs one remaining property in this area.


Maenaddwyn is a small rural village situated approximately a mile north of the village of Capel Coch and approximately six miles from Llangefni Town. There are no general ameneties in Maenaddwyn itself - the nearest general local amenities can be found at Llanerchymedd, approximately two and a half miles west of the village.  Most properties in Maenaddwyn are owner occupied. The local authority only has 2 properties in Maenaddwyn, both 3 bedroom houses. Due to the rural location access to private transport is advantageous.

Capel Coch

Capel Coch is a small rural village situated approximately a 10 minute drive north of Llangefni. This is a quiet village which has no immediate amenities and residents would normally drive to nearby Llangefni to access shops and other facilities. Due to the rural location access to private transport is desireable. The local authority has only a small amount of accommodation in the area and turnover can be poor.

Local Authority Housing Information for Capel Coch

3-bed House: 1

2-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 5

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