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Holyhead Town

Holyhead Town is one of seven wards in Holyhead. Holyhead is situated at the far western tip of Anglesey and is Anglesey’s largest town with a population of over 11,000. The town is split into seven wards, namely Parc A’r Mynydd, Porthyfelin, Maeshyfryd, Holyhead Town, Morawelon, London Road and Kingsland. Transport links to and from Holyhead are good as the town itself lies at the end of the A55 expressway, and benefits from a regular and frequent bus service. In addition, Holyhead port facilitates all ferry traffic to and from Ireland. The railway station is also situated within the grounds of the Port, further enhancing the accessibility of the town.

The town has many general amenities including just on the outskirts, an out of town retail park, supermarkets and leisure facilities in and around the outskirts of the town. The town has a number of primary schools and one secondary school. Accommodation is varied and there is ample opportunity to rent in the private sector.

The local authority and housing associations have numerous properties in this area, with almost a third of the local authority stock being in Holyhead.

Local Authority Housing Information for Holyhead

2-bed House: 91
3-bed House: 485
4-bed House: 26
5-bed House: 10
1-bed Flat: 49
2-bed Flat: 106

1-bed Flat (age 40+): 36
2-bed Flat (age 40+): 27

1-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 47
2-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 67
3-bed Bungalow (age 60+):2
1-bed Flat (age 60+t): 10
2-bed Flat (age 60+): 27
3-bed Flat (age 60+): 8

1-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 47
2-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 12
1-bed Flat (Sheltered): 32
2-bed Flat (Sheltered): 5

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We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a HIGH availability.


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We have no details of Facilities in this area.

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