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Brynteg is a small village situated in the east of Anglesey just west of the village of Benllech. Apart from a golf club, and a public house, there are few other amenities in Brynteg itself however nearby Benllech offers access to general convenience stores, post office, eateries, public houses, petrol station etc. Llangefni is approximately 15 minutes away by car. Brynteg is home to a number of caravan parks and holiday lets and can become busy during the summer month as visitors to the area take advantage of these facilities. Accomodation is largely owner occupied however there are private lets available.

The local authority only has two three bedroom properties remaining in the area.

Within the ward of Brynteg are the adjoining villages of Benllech and Tynygongl.

Benllech is a medium sized seaside village on the north west of Anglesey. Amenities include a number of shops, a petrol garage, public houses, eateries, bank and a number of caravan parks. The village has a large seafront overlooking a well maintained sandy beach. There is a regular bus service through the village. There is a bilingual primary school. The village is a popular destination for tourists and can become very busy during the summer months. Accommodation is a mixture of owner occupied properties which can be expensive to purchase, private rented and seasonal tourist accommodation.

The local authority has one estate in this area which is designated as sheltered accommodation.  

1-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 15
2-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 5

Adjacent to Benllech is the small village of Tynygongl, which is only a couple of minutes away from Benllech by car, which is where the nearest general facilities can be found. Properties in this area are largely owner occupied however there are a number of holiday lets and caravan parks in the vicinity. The nearest primary school is in Benllech. Buses service the area however access to private transport is beneficial.

The local authority only has 4 properties in this area, all being three bedroom houses. Turnover of properties is extremely low and demand for accommodation in this area is high. Waiting times for accommodation will be high.

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We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a MEDIUM availability.


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