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Situated on the north coast of Anglesey, Amlwch is a small town which is split into two electoral wards and has a combined with population of approximately 3000. The town is steeped in history and was once the home of the world’s most productive copper mine at Mynydd Parys which today is a popular tourist attraction.
The town benefits from a range of shops and amenities including a leisure centre, bilingual primary school and a secondary school with good transport links also.

There is a range of public and private sector housing in Amlwch with the local authority managing approximately 250 properties in the area.

Local Authority Housing Information for Amlwch

2-bed House: 36
3-bed House:100
4-bed House: 12
2-bed Flat: 3

1-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 26
2-bed Bungalow (age 60+): 46
2-bed Flat (age 60+): 3

1-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 16
2-bed Bungalow (Sheltered): 9

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We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a HIGH availability.


Local Facilities


We have no details of Facilities in this area.

You can get more information on the area from the Anglesey Council site.


You can get information on Schools in this area here.


You can get information on local Health facilities here.

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