Housing Options - Privately Rented Accommodation

Privately Rented Accommodation

There is a good supply of privately rented accommodation in Anglesey and properties are available in most areas. Renting privately offers:

Choice - a range of accommodation exists with flats and apartments being more readily available in some areas and houses in others

Flexibility - you choose which areas you want to consider

Speed - properties are available now

Furnished and non-furnished properties are available.

Can I afford it?

If you are on a low income, you may qualify for Housing Benefit (please follow the link to the housing and council tax benefit online application form) to help you pay the rent. You can use a Housing Benefit Calculator to get an instant benefit estimate or contact the Council's Housing Benefit Team. Remember that you will also have to pay other bills such as gas, electricity and water - use the budget calculator to help make sure that you can cover these costs.

Will Housing Benefit fully cover the rent?

The maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid depends on the size of the property that your household needs and is set by Local Housing Allowance rates. Please note that you may not receive the maximum amount as your household income and savings will be taken into account to assess your Housing Benefit claim.

What if I can't afford to pay a bond?

If you are homeless, or threatened with homelessness, and do not have savings or enough money to pay a bond, Anglesey County Council's Housing Options Service may be able to help.

They’ll assess your housing needs and if you meet the criteria for assistance, you may be eligible for a loan which can be repaid in instalments to suit you. This fund has strict criteria and is only available if you are living on Anglesey. 

If you pay a cash bond /deposit to a Landlord they must protect it under one of the Government’s authorised tenancy deposit schemes and tell you within 30 days of receiving it which scheme they have used. 

How long will I be able to stay?

Tenancies are generally assured shorthold for 6 or 12 months. They can usually be extended if you haven't breached the terms of your tenancy agreement.  It is important to remember, that once the fixed tenancy term ends unless a new fixed term tenancy is granted, the tenancy still runs on. If you pay rent monthly, the tenancy will run from month to month, if you pay rent weekly, it will run from week to week. When this happens, the terms and conditions will be the same as in your preceding tenancy agreement. The tenancy is referred to as a statutory  ‘periodic’ tenancy. As always, contact an advice agency if you need help.

What happens if the landlord wants me to leave?

If the landlord wants you to leave when the fixed term comes to an end, they must give you at least 2 months’ notice that they require possession. They can give you notice at any time during the fixed term, but the date they state possession is required cannot be before the end of the fixed term. If the tenancy is on a contractual period or statutory periodic basis, the date on which the notice expires must be the last day of a tenancy period, and the notice must state that possession is required under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.

Do I have to move out when the notice requiring possession expires?

No.  The landlord cannot evict you without a possession order from the court. They can apply to the court to start possession proceedings as soon as the notice requiring possession expires. The landlord will not have to give any grounds for possession and they may use the accelerated possession procedure which is also available to them. 

When you receive a notice that possession is required under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, you should seek advice from the Housing Options Team if you are concerned that you will not be able to find alternative accommodation by the date specified in the notice.

What about furniture?

Furnished and unfurnished properties are available in most areas of Anglesey.
Furniture Reuse Network and Freecycle may be able to assist with your furniture needs.

Alternatively, you may want to find out whether you are eligible for a Community Care Grant or Budgeting Loan to help with the costs of furniture/household equipment or other costs associated with the move.

How can I find a property?

You can search through a list of available Private Rented Properties on this website

The Landlord Accreditation Wales website provides details of landlords who are accredited and should therefore provide well managed accommodation. Similarly, the ARLA website provides information about letting agents who meet specific professional management standards.

Anglesey County Council’s Housing Services are helping landlords to become accredited. Please contact the Private Landlord Liaison Officer on 01248 75 2167

You could also visit Right Move who list private rental properties which are managed by lettings agencies on Anglesey or check in the local press.   

Would you be interested in sharing a house or finding a lodger?

Changes to housing benefit will mean that many people will struggle to find suitable affordable accommodation or maintain their existing home. Renting a spare room may help you meet your housing costs and help someone else who might be looking for affordable accommodation.

House Share Wales tries to help people with accommodation find lodgers and help people who need accommodation to find a room. It has been set up by the Welsh Government with the DWP and other housing partners in Wales. Visit the following pages for more information - Find a Room and Find a Tenant.

More information on renting in the private sector.

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